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Another Flash Drive price break through

Not long ago I reported that you could buy a flash drive for about one dollar a Gigabyte, well the price has gone down again. I recently bought a 32 Gigabyte flash drive for sixteen dollars at Fry's electronics. That works out to be about fifty cents a Gigabyte (WOW), when will it stop? Check the prices in your area, it is a good time to buy flash drives and they have lots of uses.

The purpose of this website

We are very proud of our website and hope that it is a big help to anyone needing computer help.  Read our reasons for this website

Carry a portable computer in your pocket

This is something that we all can do, all you need is access to any computer with a USB port. Read how you can do this at a friends or relatives house using their computer. Portable Computer

Are you getting the Internet speed that you are paying for??

I know what kind of speed I am paying for and I like to check it from time to time to make sure I am getting that speed. If I am not, I would contact my Internet Service provider to find out why. If you would like to check your speed, click this link, Check Speed If you do not know what speed you are paying for, phone your ISP and ask them. I would also check with neighbors to see what kind of plan they have. In my area, we found that some were paying more than others with the same Internet Connection speed. If you find this to be the case, I would contact my ISP to find out why. Several people in my area did that and were able to lower their monthly bill or get a faster speed for the same price.

High cost ink cartridges

It seems that many ink cartridges cost almost as much as the printer. It is obvious that the printer companies make a lot of money selling the ink that is required to operate the printer. Read more about this here and find out how you can save big, Save on printer ink

*Is your computer a toy??

That might seem like a strange question, but is it really. If it is a toy, it is probably the most powerful toy ever invented. My point here is your computer must be treated with a lot of respect and steps should be taken to be made secure. This toy as some seem to think it is, is capable of bringing down large companies, even government computers. You see it is possible for some bad guys to get into your computer and use it to do bad things. So take all the security steps neccessary to keep your computer safe and secure. You can do this by having an antivirus program in place. It is also a good idea to make sure you are using a good firewall. Don't open attachments that you receive in your emails and be careful when you are downloading anything from the Internet. Here is an interesting article about a recent virus that was discovered. No one knows how it got there, but it is certainly possible that someones computer was used to plant it. Take a look, Be secure

High Speed Internet(What to look out for)

When signing up for anybody's high speed Internet, make sure you find out if they have a data limit. Some ISP's have a limit on the size of downloads, particularly when streaming video. One such company gives a 20gb a month limit, you might think that is plenty until you find out that the 20gb is split 10gb and 10gb. The first 10gb is in prime time, basically daytime hours. The second 10gb is later at night until the wee hours of the morning, when most of us are sleeping. When you use the first 10gb, your speed is rolled back to approximately what you get with dialup and it stays that way until the start of a new month. Holy Cow, dialup is slow and always has been. I'm just saying.

New: Free WiFi Page

We have started a new Free WiFi Page, it will be updated on a regular basis. This is a collection of various locations around the country.

8Tips for safer online shopping
Microsoft offers these tips for safer online shopping. Safer Shopping, Party Favors, and Toys from the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s

Try one of several free browsers

If you would like to try a browser other than Internet Explorer, here is your chance. Listed on this page are several to choose from. Browsers(Free)

A free Altenative to Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a little too much money for some of us. Here is a good alternative and it is free. Open Office (Free)

What to look for in a computer

Here are some guidelines to consider when looking to buy a new computer. Buying a new computer

Video Tutorials

Here is a page that has Video tutorials that we have prepared. These are helpful tutorials that will assist in using various computer programs. Video Tutorials

Windows XP Help Tutorials

I bet many of you did not know that within the Windows XP Help and Support area on your computer, there are many audio, video tutorials. Go to this page and I explain how to access them.

Using Web Mail for Safety

You can ensure that you are receiving safe email by screening your mail through your web mail mailbox first. I have written an article about this, you can read more here, Safe Web Mail

RV Parks with FREE WiFi
Many of you have used our FREE WiFi places web page for the past few years. Here we offer a FREE WiFi places page just for RV Parks and Resorts. Many of these were sent in by our web site visitors and newsletter subscribers. If you would like to let us know of a WiFi spot, you can do so on the  FREE RV WiFi Places page

Everything you need for the RV and the RV life style
Here you will find RV accessories, RV's, RV Parks, Campgrounds, RV Insurance and much more Click Here

GPS Reviews and Opinions
If you are thinking about buying a GPS system or if you just want to know more about them, read what some of our readers have to say. Read More

Buying a Digital Camera
Searching for a digital camera? Here is some information that may help you narrow the search for just the right one. Read reviews by those that have tested many different cameras. Read More

How to communicate from your RV during or after a disaster
I was lead to write this article after the recent Hurricane disaster in the Gulf Coast.
If you have been Rving for any length of time, then you are probably familiar with inverters. They operate off the RV batteries or a tow vehicle battery........Read More

Mac Address Filtering (Prevent unathorized use of your Wireless network)
........Read More

Why do we need an Antivirus Program
If a virus infects your computer, in some cases it can actually use your computer to send it's self to others. You will not know this is happening until you start getting emails from your friends and relatives wanting to know why you are sending them a virus.  Read More

What is Wi-Fi  
Recently there have been lots of inquiries about Wi-Fi. I will attempt here to shed some light on the subject. I will try to keep the explanation at a lay persons level, not only for people that are not familiar with Wi-Fi, but for me also. Read More

Rver's Mechanical Breakdown Protection
We bought a new Alfa Gold 5th Wheel in 1997. We knew that the dealer was going to be offering us an extended warranty package, so we did some shopping around for the extended warranty package before we bought the the 5th wheel. We were prepared when we went in to do the paper work at the time of purchase. Read More

1 FREE Audiobook Credit RISK-FREE from

Replacing your Laptop LCD screen 
If you have a laptop that is in good shape, but the LCD screen has been damaged or is just going bad, you might consider replacing the screen instead of buying a new laptop. This is something that you might be able to do yourself if there is a good tutorial available for your computer. Read More

USA Clickable Map
Make good use of our USA clickable map. Using this map you can get Weather, Road Conditions and travel information, as well interesting facts about our states. Here is an example, Click Here to go to the map. Then click on MD for Maryland, then click the "Traffic" button in the upper right column, now click "Live Traffic Camera's". You can actually watch live traffic at different locations around the state. Have Fun!!

Email Warning 
Lately there have been lots of emails attempting to get us to give our bank information, such as your credit card number and bank account numbers. These all seem to have very poor grammar. There is a link for you to click on, do not click it. The bank names they are using are real, but the information is not. Many of the banks that are mentioned in these emails have a place on there real web sites for reporting these fake emails. Here is a sample of what one looks like.  Fake Email

The proper way to email photos 
There is a right way and a wrong way to email photos. Do it the wrong way and a lot of time can be wasted sending them and for the person receiving them. I have written an article along with a tutorial that shows the right way to send your photos in the email, Read More

WARNING, the tips, tutorials and suggestions given in the newsletter and on this web site, are offered in good faith to assist with computer problems and help you enjoy the use of your computer. If the directions are not followed correctly, some of the tips or tutorials could cause problems with your computer.
Use them at your own risk.